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Car Colour Match Chart - Dolphin Grey

Reverse Parking Sensor Gray
Please note that this senor is 1 flat colour and does not have "Dolphin" written across it, this is just to protect our images from theft.

Other Similar Colours in the Range

Iron Grey
Iron Grey
Coal Grey
Coal Grey
Storm Grey

Please see below car makes and models for which the Dolphin grey sensor is the closest match in the range, in some cases the match may be good enough not to have to bother with any spray paints, in other cases a thin layer of non-metallic paint may be used to improve the match

Car Make

Car Model Paint Colour Name
Alfa Romeo Mito Techno Grey
Alfa Romeo 159 Indaco Grey (660) Metallic
Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon Indaco Grey (660) Metallic
Alfa Romeo 159 Stromboli Grey (651) Metallic
Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon Stromboli Grey (651) Metallic
Audi S6 Daytona Grey - 6Y (pearl)
Audi A6 Daytona Grey - 6Y (pearl)
Audi A6 Aurora Blue (pearl)
Audi S6 Aurora Blue (pearl)
Audi A6 Quartz Grey - Q4 (Metallic)
Audi S6 Quartz Grey - Q4 (Metallic)
Audi A4 Quartz Grey - Q4 (Metallic)
Audi A4 Dolphin Grey (metallic)
Audi A4 Sphere Blue - 9F (Metallic)
Audi S4 Quatro Dolphin Grey (metallic)
Audi A4 Allroad Sphere Blue - 9F (Metallic)
BMW X5 Space Grey - Metallic
BMW 5 Series Saloon Neptune Blue
BMW 5 Series Saloon Platinum Grey (metallic)
BMW 3 Series Saloon Space Grey
BMW 3 Series Saloon Bluewater
BMW 5 Series Saloon Space Grey (metallic)
Citroen C5 Thorium Grey (Metallic)
Ford Ka Strobe
Honda CR-V Blueish Silver Metallic
Honda Civic Type S Blueish Silver Metallic
Honda Accord Buran Silver Metallic
Hyundai i10 Oyster Grey
Hyundai Matrix Neutral Grey
Jaguar XJ Lunar Grey (Metallic)
Lexus RX 350 Brechin Slate (8R6)
Lexus RX 400h Brechin Slate (8R6)
Lexus IS Brechin Slate (8R6)
Lexus RX Series Brechin Slate (8R6)
Lexus RX 400h Sargasso Green (6U3)
Mazda Tamura Aluminum Silver Metallic
Mazda Mazda3 Aluminum Silver Metallic
Mazda MX-5 Aluminum Silver Metallic
Mazda 5 Aluminum Silver Metallic
Mercedes   Tenorite Grey (Metallic)
Mercedes E-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes S-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes CLK-Class Cabriolet Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes CLS-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes CL-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes SLK-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes SL-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes G-Class Designo Graphite (Metallic)
Mercedes SL-Class Alabandine Grey (779) Metallic
Mercedes A-Class Mountain Grey (787) Metallic
Mercedes B-Class Mountain Grey (787) Metallic
Mini Clubman Dark Silver
Mitsubishi Grandis Gunmetal Grey (pearlescent)
Nissan Murano Urban Mist
Nissan Primastar Beige Grey (metallic)
Nissan X-Trail Thundercloud (metallic)
Nissan X-Trail Savannah (metallic)
Nissan Arctix Sports Adventure Thundercloud (metallic)
Peugeot 4007 Pilbara Grey
Peugeot 308 Thorium Grey
Peugeot 307 Hermitage Grey
Peugeot 307 Estate Hermitage Grey
Peugeot 307 SW Hermitage Grey
Renault Clio Sport Tourer Tempest (MI J47)
Saab 93 Titan Grey Metallic
Seat Alhambra Platinum Grey Metallic
Skoda Superb Steel Grey (2G2G) Metallic
Subaru Legacy Steel Silver Metallic
Subaru Outback Steel Silver Metallic
Subaru Forester Steel Silver Metallic
Subaru Forester Steel Silver Metallic
Subaru Legacy Steel Silver Metallic
Suzuki Grand Vitara Graphite Grey Pearl Metallic
Toyota Yaris Venetian Silver (1F8)
Toyota Avensis Venetian Silver (1F8)
Vauxhall Breeze Silver Lightening (Metallic)
Vauxhall Zafira Silver Lightening (Metallic)
Vauxhall Vectra Silver Lightening (Metallic)
Vauxhall Astra Silver Lightening (Metallic)
Vauxhall Astra Sport Hatch Silver Lightening (Metallic)
Vauxhall Astra TwinTop Silver Lightening (Metallic)
Vauxhall Insignia Silver Lake (Metallic)
Vauxhall New Astra Silver Lake (Metallic)
Vauxhall Agila Meteorite Grey (Metallic)
Volkswagen Jetta Platinum Grey (2R)
Volkswagen Golf Estate Platinum Grey (2R)
Volkswagen Passat Estate Iron Grey (9H)
Volkswagen Passat Iron Grey (9H) Metallic
Volkswagen Touran Mountain Grey (Z3)
Volkswagen New Touran Slate Grey (X9) Metallic

Please note that colours may differ slightly as monitors have different colour settings

Installation Examples

VW Tranporter T5
Mini 2007
Lexus RX300
Nissan 350z