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Car Colour Match Chart - Lexus

Please see below a chart of Lexus paint colours and the closest dolphin sensor colour match, in some cases the match may be good enough not to have to bother with any spray paints, in other cases a thin layer of non-metallic paint may be used to improve the match

Lexus Paint Colour Name Dolphin Sensor
Astral Black (202) Black
Velvet Black (212) Black
Sable (4T5) Coal Grey
Cadoxton Slate (1G0) Coal Grey
Cadoxton Slate (1G0) Iron Grey
Brechin Slate (8R6) Grey
Sargasso Green (6U3) Grey
Tyrol Silver (1F7) Silver
Argento Ice (1G1) Silver
Palladio Silver (1F2) Silver
Stafford Blue (8R7) Navy Blue
Windsor Blue (8U0) Navy Blue
Caspian Sky (O74) Ice Blue
Cerulean Blue (8U9) Ice Blue
Mesa Red (3R1) Maroon
Nambian Gold (4T1) No Match Matt Black & Spray
St Lucia Pearl (062) White
Arctic Pearl (077) Pearl White
Starfire Pearl (078) Pearl White
Saragossa Green (6U3) No Match Matt Black & Spray
Cherwell Green (6T1) No Match Matt Black & Spray
Sable (4T5) No Match Matt Black & Spray
New England Russett (4S6) No Match Matt Black & Spray

Please note that colours may differ slightly as monitors have different colour settings

Installation Examples

Lexus IS220
Lexus IS250