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Car Colour Match Chart - Mercedes

Please see below a chart of Mercedes paint colours and the closest dolphin sensor colour match, in some cases the match may be good enough not to have to bother with any spray paints, in other cases a thin layer of non-metallic paint may be used to improve the match

Mercedes Paint Colour Name Manufacturer Paint Code Finish Dolphin Sensor
Alabandine Grey 779 Metallic Grey
Black 040   Black
Brilliant Silver 744 & 9744 Metallic Silver
Calcite White 650   Pearl White
Carneol Red 544 Metallic Maroon
Chromite Black 112 Metallic Coal Grey
Cirrus White 650 Solid White
Cosmos Black   Metallic Black
Cubanite Silver   Metallic Muddy Grey
Cuprite Brown 497   No Match Matt Black & Spray
Dark Blue 904 & 5904 Solid Navy Blue
Delta Green 478 Metallic Bottle Green
Designo Chablis 043   No Match Matt Black & Spray
Designo Graphite   Metallic Grey
Designo Havana 042   No Match Matt Black & Spray
Designo Mauritius Blue 039   Sky Blue
Designo Mocha Back 033   Iron Grey
Designo Mystic Blue 032   Navy Blue
Designo Mystic Red 037   Maroon
Designo Mystic White 2 048   White
Designo Platinum Black 046   Black
Designo Silver 029   Silver
Diamond White 799 Metallic Pearl White
Dolomite Brown 526   No Match Matt Black & Spray
Fire Opal 590   Red
Flint Grey 368 Metallic Iron Grey
Horizon Blue 391 Metallic Ice Blue
Indigo Blue 230   Light Blue
Indium Grey 963 Metallic Muddy Grey
Iridium Silver 775 Metallic Silver
Jupiter Red 589   Moroccan
Lazurite Blue 349 Metallic Ice Blue
Lotus Blue 240 Metallic Sea Blue
Magnetite Black 183 Metallic Coal Grey
Mountain Grey 787 Metallic Grey
Night Black 696   Black
Obsidian Black 197 & 9197 Metallic Coal Grey
Palladium Silver 792 Metallic Storm Grey
Pearl Beige 794   Gold
Periclase Green   Metallic Bottle Green
Peridot Brown 474 Metallic Black
Polar Silver 761 Metallic Silver
Polar White 149 & 9149 Solid White
Prehnite Green 430   Ice Green
Sanidine Beige   Metallic No Match Matt Black & Spray
Saturn Red 597 Metallic Purple
Smoke Silver 702 & 9702 Metallic Muddy Grey
Stannite Grey 786   Muddy Grey
Steppe Brown 490   No Match Matt Black & Spray
Tansanite Blue 359 Metallic Navy Blue
Tenorite Grey 755 Metallic Iron Grey
Thulite Red 541 Metallic Purple

Please note that colours may differ slightly as monitors have different colour settings

Installation Examples

Mercedes 58Reg
Mercedes C180 Kompressor
Mercedes CLK
Mercedes SLK 03 Reg