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Car Colour Match Chart - Dolphin Purple

Reverse Parking Sensor Purple
Please note that this senor is 1 flat colour and does not have "Dolphin" written across it, this is just to protect our images from theft.

Other Similar Colours in the Range

Moroccan Red
Moroccan Red

Please see below car makes and models for which the Dolphin purple sensor is the closest match in the range, in some cases the match may be good enough not to have to bother with any spray paints, in other cases a thin layer of non-metallic paint may be used to improve the match

Car Make

Car Model Paint Colour Name
Audi S6 Classic Red (Pearl)
BMW 3 Series A82 Vermilion Red (metallic)
Fiat Punto Evo Flamenco Red (141)
Ford Fiesta Morello (Metallic)
Jaguar XJ Caviar (Metallic)
Mercedes SL-Class Thulite Red (541) Metallic
Mercedes SLK-Class Thulite Red (541) Metallic
Mercedes A-Class Saturn Red (597) Metallic
Mercedes B-Class Saturn Red (597) Metallic
Toyota New Urban Cruiser Deep Amethyst (9AH) Metallic
Toyota IQ Deep Amethyst (9AH) Metallic

Please note that colours may differ slightly as monitors have different colour settings