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Dolphin Silver Fitted to Toyota Auris

Robert Thomas

Sensor cables were fitted by removing towing point covers on front bumper. Cables fed to driver side so as to allow connection to an added switch for front sensors to be turned on or off as needed. This was mentioned in your notes on p6 for kit DPS400F/450F but not on p7 for kit DPS 800 which has 8 sensors and the one I fitted. Photos show the positioning of sensors on front bumper to give the best results.

Toyota Auris Front Sensors Fitting

Careful selection of sensor positions enabled the sensors to be fitted without the removal of the bumper. Take care when drilling to avoid the steel chasis piece behind the bumper. Cables only require the drilling of a gromet hole to enter the boot for connections to the reversing lamp. Control box was fitted inside rear light compartment out of sight. Beware- on the Auris the reversing light connection is on the passenger side only.

Auris fitting of rear sensors