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Towbar Parking Sensors

Towbars are not a great issue with our sensors, common sensor really, but you just need to make sure you dont mount the sensors too close to the towbar ball so they do not see it as an obstacle. This generally would be as per a standard installation as the towbar will be central to your vehicle with the sensors sitting either side. The ultrasonic sound waves come out at a 60 degree angle and the distance between the sensors and the towbar ball all depends on the distance the ball sticks out and how low it is in relation to the bumper - this is one of those rare times where remembering how to use trigonometry could come in useful! The result will mean you will probably have them mounted 2 sensors slightly to the to the left and 2 to the right rather than completely even across the back of the car.

You can power the sensor up without installing them and then hold the sensor where you are planning to mount and check it does not see the towbar ball prior to drilling the bumper. Little collars/wedges are included so you can angle the sensors away from the towbar ball slightly either up or left and right if you need to. You need about 25mm depth in the bumper where fitting so check where you are going to install them is not where the towbar, bumper or car are attached to each other.

Fitting with Towbar
Audi A6 02Reg
BMW 525
VW_Passat_Estate with Towbar
Honda Jazz with Towbar
Hyundai Santa Fe
Nissan Navarra
Nissan Pathfinder Aventura
Toyota Hilux Invincible
Volvo XC70
VW Passat Estate
Nissan X-Trail

Towbar and Spare Wheel
Mitsubishi_Shogun with Towbar & Spare Wheel

Towbar and Reversing Camera
Ford_Mondeo_with Towbar & Camera
Toyota Hilux Invincible