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Dolphin Micro Audio Reverse Parking Sensors

Product Code: DMS400
Dolphin Micro Audio Reverse Parking Sensors
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Micro Colours*

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Dolphin Micro Audio Reverse Parking Sensors - Description

Micro Sensor Colours
This is the micro sized version of the award winning DPS400 kit.  Your best buy for the most professional looking installation yet!

What You Get
The Dolphin Micro is a high quality, 4 recess mounting sensor system that will cover the widest range of cars giving a professional finish. Included with the 4 20mm recess sensors is a buzzer which gives audible bleeps with increasing frequency as you get closer to an obstacle.

Kit Contents

  • 4 Micro Recess Bumper Fit Sensors
  • 1 Control Unit
  • Buzzer Unit
  • 1 18.2mm Cutting Tool FREE!
  • Fitting Accessories
  • Instruction Manual

How it works
The system works by radiating ultrasonic beams throughout the area behind the vehicle. The beams are then reflected by obstructions behind the vehicle, and re-enter the sensors. The control box uses the reflected beam information to calculate the distance of the obstruction.

As with the other systems the Dolphin unit is activated when reverse gear is engaged. As the vehicle is reversed. When the vehicle is less than 1.5 metres from the obstruction the audible alert will emit intermittent bleeps. As the vehicle gets closer to the obstruction the frequency of the bleeps increases. At 30 centimetres from the obstruction the bleeps become a continuous solid tone.

200 - 160cm
Safe Mode
150 - 100cm
Safe Mode
90 - 50cm
Alarm Mode
40 - 30cm
Danger Mode
30 - 0cm

if you wear a hearing aid we would recommend that you consider the DMS450 kit which also has a display, as opposed to this stand alone audio in case the the audible pitch of the alert is incompatible with your hearing aid.

Swap Socket Feature

All of our kits come with the new watertight swap socket feature based 12 inches from the sensor heads, it makes installation quicker and easier than standard sensors offered by other companies. Also should you ever have any problems with faulty sensors, or accident damage in the future, it facilitates easy replacement without having to remove the bumper again and rewire from scratch.

Integrated Moulded Wedges
These sensors have the wedges built in, you need to position the sensors slightly angled up - or downwards, to ensure the sensor's signal is still sent out parallel with the road's surface when placed in your vehicles bumper.

Technical Specification - Click Here


No routine maintenance or adjustment is required. Dirt, frost or snow accumulated on the sensors may cause the system to activate incorrectly. The sensors can be washed carefully with warm soapy water

Customer Reviews
2 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
I am very happy with the end result - 6th August 2011 - M. Kirton - 27/03/2014
Hi, thanks for the mini sensors you sent me the other day, they look fantastic. I have had the fitter Graham Clegg today who did an excellent job, in horrid weather conditions. I am pleased to say that I am very happy with the end result of his efforts and that they look grand. He took so much trouble to make sure that they fitted well and looked right. I would not hesitate in recommending you with your sensors, and him fitting them, to any of my friends or family. Thanks once again p.s. Please convey my thanks also to Graham.

5 product stars
Superb job... very professional - 21 July 2011 - Kevin Durrant - 27/03/2014
I ve just had Colin fit my sensors. Superb job... very professional and clean. The silver mini sensors look better than factory fit! I ll be back!! Kind regards